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Charging & Cleansing

Your beautiful Bella Moon Crystals have been cleansed with Palo Santo also known as Holy Wood before making their way to you✨


Immerse your crystals in the sacred smoke by burning herbs such as Rosemary, Sage or Palo Santo. Simply use your hand in a fan like motion so the smoke flows through the crystal/s. Smudging cleanses the negative energy that becomes attached to the crystals✨


Place your crystals under the Moonlight on your window cill this way they won't get affected by the weather. I find the full Moon gives the most powerful cleanse & charge. Leave them under the Moonlight over night & try collecting them before the sun comes up in the morning✨


Whilst cleansing your crystals picture all the negativity leaving your crystals being whisked away. Then picture your crystals being filled with light & magic ✨ after all intention is one of the most powerful things anyone can ever use ✨